Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

Two Great Ways To Teach Your 2 To 7 Year Old Child How To Read

Today we are going to take a look at two very good methods to teach your child how to read. These are the Children Learning Reading program from Jim Yang and Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann.

1. Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons

This is a 395 page book based upon the proven and well researched DISTAR (Direct Instruction System for Teaching and Remediation) method. The DISTAR method is the most successful learning to read methods used by schools across the USA.

A professor of education at the University of Oregon, Siegfried Engelmann is one of the originators of DISTAR, and has authored many other books on the subject of teaching including Give Your Child A Superior Mind. The Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book has been around since 1986, and there are hundreds of thousands of copies of the book in circulation.

Engelmann co authored the 100 Lessons book with Dr Phyllis Haddox and Elaine Bruner. On its own the book will teach your child how to read, but to take this a step further there are additional materials that have been created by Dr Haddox.

This additional materials include a quick start training DVD that lasts for 48 minutes, an audio training CD of 30 minutes duration and a four hour video training set in DVD format for direct instruction. There are also word and sound cards included. These are certainly not essential, and your child will learn to read by just following the step by step lessons in Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons.

Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons - Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons Review

For Children Of 3 Years And Above

It is aimed at children of 3 years and upwards. At age 3, the child needs to be quite bright to learn to read using the book. The book has had many reviews and the majority of these are favorable.

Parents Receive Full Instructions

Right at the beginning of the book there is a parent guide which is 18 pages in length. To get the most out of the Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book, it is important that this is read in full. With each of the 100 lessons there is a script which parents are advised to follow exactly. The scripts are designed to help you motivate your child and explain the right way to teach them and correct them.

The scripts are easy to follow, and it is OK to change them a little to suit your situation. The book is very well structured, and each new lesson builds on the previous lessons. New sounds of letters and combinations of letters are introduced gradually. Your child will learn phonics and the different phonemes that letters make.

Lessons at the beginning of the book are very easy. This will build confidence in your child, and encourage them to believe that reading is easy and nothing to be frightened of. When your child begins to sound out the words in the book, he or she will be very happy that they can read.

Learning Phonemes And Whole Words

With Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons, your child will be taught how to sound out words by blending the individual phonemes (sounds) together without leaving a pause between each sound. This is different to other methods of teaching, where pauses are used. By sounding out the word without a pause, your child will hear the whole word and this can help them decipher words more quickly.

To assist further with your child’s reading, the book uses symbols and modified orthography (the convention for writing language). An example of this is the long A sound that is found in words like “make” and “cake”, A line appears over the top of the A to signify that it is a long A sound. For the short sound of A a line is not used. If a letter is silent then it appears in smaller print. Once your child is used to this system they will find it easy to follow.

When each lesson is complete, the book recommends that you ask your child to write 2-3 sounds that they learned. This will help to reinforce what your child has learned and the writing practice will help too.

As you and your child go through the book, you will find that a number of irregular words (sometimes called sight words) will be introduced. These are repeated a lot throughout the book so that your child will be able to memorize them easily.

Stories With Each Lesson

There are stories in the book which your child will be able to read once they have completed the appropriate lessons. These stories all have fun illustrations with them and it is a good idea to cover them up and only reveal them once your child has finished the lesson.

When your child is using Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons to learn how to read, they will be excited about learning. The book will set your child on the way to reading, and a lot of parents found that once their child was half way through the book, everything seem to click into place and they were able to start reading other books.

Lessons Are Designed To Last 20 Minutes

Each lesson is designed to last for 20 minutes and this can be broken up into shorter time periods if this is necessary. As the lessons get more difficult you may find that breaking them up into shorter lessons makes more sense. You do not want your child to lose focus in these more challenging lessons, so if you notice this then spread the learning time out.

You do not have to complete the book in 100 days, but it is important to be consistent and practice every day. If your child is a little older, then 45 minute lessons are OK. For really young children 20 minutes is likely to be the absolute limit.

A good way to achieve success with Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons is to make sure that you set aside plenty of time to go through each lesson. If your child begins to lose focus, or starts to get irritable, take a break and do something fun for a few minutes. You can play a fun game or have a snack. After this go back to the lesson. You can offer an incentive to your child for finishing the lesson.

When you are starting out with the book, try your best not to take a day off from lessons. Once your child has shown signs of real progress, you can miss the odd day here and there. By this time they will have developed a passion for reading and missing a day will not affect this. On completion of the 100 Lessons book your child will have achieved a second grade reading level.

Many Complimentary Reviews

There are many complimentary reviews about the book. People have been very impressed by how the book was put together and the fool proof lessons that are easy to deliver by any parent. Others remarked on how useful and supportive the parent scripts were. Other positive centered on how the book did exactly what is said it would, and taught children how to really understand what they were reading and not just decode words.

Matthew Effects in Reading

If you have a young child and you want to teach them how to read then Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons will help you to do this. Find out more about the book here.

2. Children Learning Reading Program

The Children Learning Reading program was created by Jim Yang, and is a very comprehensive, reading program that is far more than just a book. Jim is a reading teacher who taught his three children Raine, Ethan and Joy to read when they were only 2 years old!

Synthetic Phonics And Phonemic Awareness Based

This reading program is based on phonics and the development of your child’s phonemic awareness. Every letter of the alphabet has a unique sound which is called a phoneme, and some combinations of letters have unique phonemes as well. With the Children Learning Reading program your child will become a fluent reader very quickly.

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A Fun Approach For Children To Learn How To Read

When learning is fun your child will want to learn more. Jim’s program is fully centered on a fun way of learning to read, with easy lessons that have associated stories, rhymes and pictures in color.

Your child will be taught how to read using the scientifically proven combination of synthetic phonics instruction and the development of your child’s phonemic awareness. Using these proven methods, a child of any age can develop into a proficient reader. It is not just about reading letters. Your child will learn words and sentences, and then complete stories over the 12 week learning period.

Short But Effective Step By Step Lessons

The lessons in Children Learning Reading have been designed for teaching reading in just 10-15 minutes each day. These can be broken down into even shorter sessions, without losing any of the effectiveness.

The lessons are completely step by step, and they will take your child from being a non reader, and gradually lead them to learning all of the letter sounds, then forming words and then being able to read sentences. After this your child will be able to read short stories and go on to read full novels.

You will be able to see the progress that your child is making on a regular basis. With a totally fun approach to learning to read that is very effective, your child will never be bored with the lessons in the program. All of the materials have been specifically designed to be totally engaging for your child and to hold their attention. They will be curious to know what is coming next and this will help to encourage them to learn and to read.Children Learning Reading Program

Full Teaching Instructions

As your child’s reading teacher, you will never be wondering what you have to do with this program. You will be able to easily follow the totally uncomplicated approach that the program delivers.

The program is never overwhelming for either the parent or the child. Your child will easily master each level before they move on to the next one in a slow and systematic way. There are a number of hard to understand rules in the process of learning to read, and this program presents them all in a way that is easily understood by young children, and is really fun for them.

When you first start with the program, your child will be taught about the different phonemes and how they are used, and then phonics. After this they will learn how to take individual phonemic sounds and combine them to create whole words. This is known as blending. As your child progresses through the program, you will find that they will blend phonemes together seamlessly without any pauses or hesitation.

Video Proof: Jim's 2 Year Old Children Reading!

Being based on synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development, the Children Learning Reading program provides a strong foundation for your child to be able to tackle even the most difficult words. You will find that your child’s vocabulary will increase significantly from this training, and that they will be able to pronounce words a lot more clearly and accurately.

Your child will not have to rely on their memories to read. With whole language programs, kids are asked to memorize many familiar words (sight words) but this will never help them to understand the vast majority of words that they will encounter in life.

Teach Your Child To Read As Soon As They Can Speak

As soon as your child is able to speak they can learn how to read with Jim's program. As soon as your child starts to use the program they will want to use it more and more as they will be motivated by its fun approach and well structured incremental progression methods. The short lessons will ensure that they are never bored or start fidgeting around.

Children Learning Reading, How to Teach a Child to Read

Two Effective Learning Stages

There are two stages to the program making a total of 50 lessons. The first 28 lessons in the first stage are focussed around the introduction of phonetics, and the teaching of the sounds that the different letters of the alphabet make. Blending is then introduced, and your child will first be taught how to combine sounds to make simple words, and then more complex words using the phonemes they have learned.

You child will learn how to decode words into their individual letter sounds, and then combine all of these sounds together to pronounce the word correctly. Each lesson ends with a practice session, and here fun stories, rhymes and other activities are used to reinforce what has been taught. The program increases the complexity of the learning intuitively, so that your child can master one technique and then move on to the next.

More advanced techniques are covered with the 22 lessons that make up stage 2 of the program. The skills that your child has learned in stage one are also utilized and polished to assist them to be even more proficient. In stage 2, your child will be introduced to digraphs, which are the unique sounds made by a combination of letters.

As you would expect, the sentences, stories and rhymes in stage 2 are more advanced than they are in stage 1. But this will not stress your child, and they will be able to read them easily because of the intuitive progression of the program.

5 Year Old Child Reading a “Technical” Book Just Like an Adult! (She Learned to Read Using Jim Yang’s CLR Program)

Two Comprehensive Packages Available

There are two packages available for the Children Learning Reading program:

Standard Package

28 Stage 1 Step By Step Lessons In PDF Format

22 Stage 2 Step By Step Lessons (More advanced)

Lesson Stories For Stage 1

Lesson Stories For Stage 2 (More advanced)

Letter Sound Audio Clips In MP3 Format

Favorite Nursery Rhymes For Children

Free Updates For Life

12 Weeks One On One Counselling Free

Premium Package

With the Premium Package you get everything that is included in the Standard package and:

Lesson Videos And Workshop – this is a comprehensive set of DVD videos which tell the story of how Jim and his wife Elena used the techniques in the program, to teach two and a half year old Ethan how to read fluently in only 12 weeks.

Video Edition Of The Program – this video is very powerful, and explains in detail everything that you need to know about using the program. There are also some very important tips to expedite the whole learning to read process.

Rhymes For Stage 2 – you will have access to all of the wonderful illustrations that are in the stage 2 rhyme section.

Stage 2 Lesson Printouts – print out all of the stage 2 lessons at the touch of a button. 

Many Video Testimonials

There are many satisfied customers of the Children Learning Reading program, and on the official website there are many video testimonials, showing examples of young children reading that have used the program. You can also find videos there of how individual children are progressing through the course, and how their reading levels change.

To find out more about Jim Yang’s highly effective and comprehensive reading program please click here.

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  1. Sara says:

    Thank you for this writing.

  2. Deepika Sidana says:

    Thanks for this program.This program looks really good after all the reading. I want to get this program for my 5 years old as well as for 2 years.Is there any sample /demo I can have from your book to understand how the program works.

    I would appreciate if you can walk me through the program.


    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Children-Learning-Reading-Review says:

      We do not have a demo, but we do offer a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the results, you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

  3. Alberta Reay says:

    Will delivery of the product be costly for The Children Learning Reading program?

    • Children-Learning-Reading-Review says:

      Hi Alberta,
      Children Learning Reading is a “digital” program. It comes with a wide variety of media files including videos, MP3 audio clips, as well as text based materials. So it is only available for digital delivery via download. This allows for immediate access to the program, and it also significantly cuts down on cost, and of course eliminates shipping and handling costs as well.

      There is nothing to ship, this means that you don’t need to wait for the product to arrive in the mail, you can download the full program immediately after completing purchase. This also means that you can order it from anywhere in the world.

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    I’ve tried both and I love Children Learning Reading the most even if I have just gotten started with it. I wish that I had this when I was teaching my son to read 6 years ago. I was a lot more mean and less understanding. Using Children Learning Reading would have relived me of some of those frustrations.

  6. Dawn says:

    This Children Learning Reading program is amazing. I wasn’t 100 % sure when purchasing but saw very quickly with my 8 year old who struggles with reading how quickly she improved and could understand so many more words, love this program and have recommended it to all my friends.

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