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My Daughter Was Reading Before She Was Using The Potty!


When my daughter Chloe was 2 years old, I decided to give her the best possible start in life…

I had heard that children could learn to read at the tender age of 2 years old - and I wanted this for Chloe.

But I didn’t know how to teach her to read at this young age…

So, I searched online for a long time and finally I found a reading program that I was sure would be perfect for both of us.

She was 2 years and 5 months when I first started teaching her to read. My family and friends thought that I was crazy…

“She is too young to learn to read” they would say to me.

But I had studied this very carefully and found out about the “Matthew Effect”. The Matthew Effect stated that when a child learns to read early in their life, they will be able to develop unique cognitive abilities that will ensure that they had a bright future. I knew that this was true because I witnessed this with my childhood friend Sarah.

I have known Sarah most of my life. We grew up in the same neighborhood together. But Sarah was not allowed to come out and play with me until she had finished her homework. I didn’t understand this at the time because we had not even started school yet! Later I found out that Sarah’s mother and father were teaching her things that were supposed to be taught later when we went to school.

One of those things was learning how to read…

By the time Sarah and I were 4 years old she could already read. When we played together, she would read me stories and this fascinated me. Over the next few years, I witnessed Sarah achieve incredible success:

  • She was accepted by an Ivy League College
  • She graduated with the highest praise for her academic excellence
  • She was the youngest professor ever at her university

I wanted this kind of success for my daughter Chloe…

The reading program that I discovered online is called Children Learning Reading. It was created by Jim and Elena Yang, who taught their three children to read at 2 years old. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but it seemed to have worked for so many other parents that I decided to try it…

What I particularly liked about this program was:

  1. You learn the most effective way to teach a child how to read (your thinking will be wrong about this!)
  2. How you can teach your child to read when they are 2 years old (this takes less than 15 minutes every day!)
  3. The 3 common mistakes that parents make when trying to teach their child to read which makes the kid associate pain with reading (you must avoid these mistakes!) 
  4. The one thing that will make your child beg you to teach them how to read every day (this will help you so much!)

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