About Children Learning Reading Program

If you want to help your child to learn how to read then you are in the right place. The Children Learning Reading program has been used effectively by thousands of parents across the world who have seen their children significantly progress with their reading skills.

Our aim with this website is to provide you will all of the information that you need to decide if the Children Learning Reading program is right for you. Many parents and their children have benefited immensely from the program and there is no reason why you and your children cannot do the same.

The creator of the Children Learning Reading program, Jim Yang, has included everything that a child needs to learn how to read properly. He has vast experience in this area and taught all of his kids to read using the same methods when they were 2 years old. Jim is always working on the program to improve it.

Here is what a few users of the Children Learning Reading program had to say about it:

An amazing programme, I wasn’t 100 % sure when purchasing but saw very quickly with my 8 year old who struggles with reading how quickly she improved and could understand so many more words, love this programme and have recommended it to all my friends


Reading has been an absolute nightmare for the last year with my son .. he is in grade 1 and he was doing great with sight word until it was a complete over load. He was mixing up all his words and was noticed he could not sound out any words. My son who litterally has no attention span has been doing amazing with this program .. this was exactly what he needed . And is flying through the lessons now that he finally understands that words are letter sounds put together. This was the best money I have ever spent ! Great job for what you have created ! I have also started with my 3 year old daughter. You have turned reading time from frustration to pure bliss thank you


 I just want to say Thank You to Mr Jim who really helped me a lot,this Program is Amazing! It worked with my 4 and 5yr old kids i am so Impressed with this Program and i Highly Recommended this. Thank You so much again and more Power Mr Jim!


This is one of our greatest investments! I personally recommend this if you want your child to enjoy reading and doing it the proper and easy way. This has helped our son to read accurately and confidently.


 We have loved this program! Whether it’s the beginner for our 4 year old or advanced for our 6 year old, it has helped our children have more confidence in reading and comprehension! Jim has been promptly responsive to any questions I have had. The manuals are easy to follow and really provide step-by-step instructions or parents and caregivers to help their children succeed!

These are just a very small sample of the reviews that we have received for the Children Learning Reading program. It is a life-changing reading program that we are extremely confident will benefit your children as well. Teaching your children to read is the greatest gift that you can give them. The Children Learning Reading program makes this easy for you to do.


Here is a summary of the Children Learning Reading program:

Creator: Jim Yang

Summary: Children Learning Reading is a powerful program designed to teach children of different ages to read all of the different letters, words and sentences. It is a phonics-based reading program which helps your child to learn how to read effectively and fluently through a combination of synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness development. Your child doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge in English letters or reading to succeed with the Children Learning Reading program.

Package types: There are three packages which are the Foundation Package, Standard Package and the Premium Package.

Price: $39 for the Foundation Package, $69 for the Standard Package and $89 for the Premium Package.


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