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How To Teach Your Child To Read In Easy Lessons (Videos)

In this video Jim, introduces the Children Learning Reading program and how he taught all of his children who were just over 2 years of age to read in just 11 weeks using the program.

There are videos of his daughters and son reading at just 2 years of age. By the time his daughter was 4 she had grade 3 reading abilities and there is a video of her reading books fluently at just 4 years of age.

The benefits of teaching your young child to read at an early age are also discussed. With only 10-15 minutes a day of tuition you can help your young child to learn to read and be smarter and have a bright future.

Jim discusses 4 things that you should avoid when teaching young children how to read. It is not a good idea to just sit a young child down in front of the TV and expect them to learn to read. A black box in the corner will never teach your child to read well.

There are also computer programs available that claim that they will teach your child to read. The issue with these are that they remove the parent from the learning process. These programs do not have a high success rate.

Jim then explains that the use of phonics is important in teaching your child to read but it should not be used on its own. Your child needs to develop good phonemic awareness and they will do that with Jim Yang’s Children Learning Reading program.

This Children Learning Reading review video also contains testimonials from very happy parents who have taught their children to read using Jim Yang’s program. They have all experienced incredible results with their children’s reading development.

Jim explains that thousands of parents from all across the world have used the Children Learning Reading program and have successfully taught their young children to read fluently. This is because the program:

  • Provides critical foundational reading skills
  • Enhances your child’s intellectual development
  • Teaches your child to be exceptionally fast at decoding and reading and will significantly improve their spelling abilities

To wrap up the video Jim explains that the Children Learning Reading program is available as an instant download and that each purchase of the program comes with some very valuable bonuses.

These bonuses include lesson stories, MP3 audios of the alphabet sounds, the most common sight words and nursery rhymes. The total value of the program with all of the bonuses is $349 but it is all available to you for just $49.95.

Every purchase of Jim Yang’s Children Learning Reading program is fully protected by a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.


2 Year Old Reading! Children Learning Reading (Children Learning Reading Review Website)

In the second review video of the Children Learning Reading, you will see Jim Yang’s daughter, Joy, reading at just 2 years and 4 months old! She is so good at it and she demands that Jim speed up the giving of the reading cards to her.

Joy was taught to read at this tender age by using a combination of synthetic phonics and the development of her phonemic awareness. The Children Learning Reading program is based on this successful combination and you will see the amazing results in this video.

At the end of the video you can link through to the full video which explains everything that you need to know about Jim Yang’s reading program.

3 Year Old Toddler Reads At Grade 2-3 Level

In the next video you will see Jim Yang’s young son Ethan reading at a Grade 2-3 level at only 3 years and 5 months old. He reads the book very well with a little help from his dad. Ethan was taught to read with the Children Learning Reading program.

Because he was taught to decode words using synthetic phonics and his phonemic awareness was well developed he reads through the book like a much older child would. Again there is the chance to link through to the full video at the end.

4 Year Old Reading Chapter Books

Here we see Jim’s oldest daughter, Raine, fluently reading a chapter book at just 4 years and 11 months old. She is very proficient at reading at such a young age. Jim taught her to read when she was really young using the techniques in the Children Learning Reading program.

Now she is older you will be able to see the reading progress that she has made in a couple of years. It really is remarkable and it is all down to the reading foundations that Jim Yang’s reading program instilled in her.

5 Year Kid Old Reading a Technical Book! (Children Learning Reading Program)

This video again tracks the reading development of Raine who is 5 years and 11 month’s old in this video. Jim asks her to read from a very complex trading book about technical analysis and stock trends.

She is able to read words like “subsequent” easily and needs very little help from Jim to read the paragraph fluently. At just under 6 years old Raine has a reading age of 13 years at this point. And it all started with the Children Learning Reading program.

Incorrect Sounds / Blending


In this video, Jim Yang talks about the different types of sounds which includes voiced and unvoiced sounds as well as stop and continuous sounds. A lot of people do not know what these sounds really are, but it is essential to know this as children can use incorrect sounds and this can affect their ability to blend sounds to form words.

Jim explains that a lot of the struggling readers that he has worked with have learned incorrect sounds from different places and this often results in words not being pronounced properly. He explains the difference between voiced and unvoiced sounds. This is all about the vibrations of vocal cords.

The importance of stop and continuous sounds is explained by Jim and the mistakes that a lot of children make by trying to express stop sounds as continuous sounds. When kids do this it will always sound incorrect and this is something that parents definitely need to teach their children.

Schwa Sound

The “schwa” is the most common vowel sound in the English language. Jim Yang stresses that it is very important for parents and children to be aware of this sound. Learning how the schwa sound works will help children learning to read to understand why certain vowels make the sounds that they do.

Schwa is all about stressed and unstressed vowel positions. By figuring out the stress in a word this makes the rest of the word unstressed. It is possible to have 2 stress positions in longer words but the second stress position is always much lighter than the first.

Jim provides examples of the schwa in action in this video. He analyzes a number of words to identify the stressed and unstressed positions. You will learn how you can test this in all words and help your child with this. This is a very informative video which is a must watch.

10 Signs Of Child Genius

This video explains about genius IQ and what you can expect. Only around 2% of the world population are considered geniuses, and it is explained here how you can tell if your child is going to be a genius too.

The 10 traits in the video are all based on MENSA findings. MENSA is the largest and the oldest society for IQ in the world today. For each of the 10 traits discussed, there are useful pointers on what to specifically look for in your child.

One of the most significant traits identified in the video is early reading. You can actually help your child to become a genius by teaching them to read at the earliest possible age. This is a very enlightening video and one that we highly recommend that you watch if you want your child to be a genius.

Children Learning Reading Program Review Video

Here there is another chance to see the remarkable reading ability of Jim Yang’s children who were all taught to read when they were 2 years old using the Children Learning Reading program.

There is a link to the full Children Learning Reading review video so that you can learn more about this amazing reading program.

And to watch the testimonial videos sent by other parents please visit the official website of Children-Learning-Reading Program.

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