The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Hi and welcome to the official review website of the Children Learning Reading Program, where you will find the most comprehensive overview of this program. Intended to operate as a research platform to assist you in making an informed decision about Jim Yang’s reading program, this review website will arm you with accurate and reliable content concerning the program. By the end of this review, you will have obtained sufficient knowledge regarding the critical importance of early reading, and also Jim’s reading/math program, allowing you to determine if this program is right for you. We pride ourselves on creating a trustworthy environment for our readers by providing correct information directly from the creator of this program, Jim Yang himself.

We want to make sure that all your questions about the Children Learning Reading program are answered, so we have created a comprehensive FAQ Section which answers the most common questions that people ask about the program.
However, if you have any further questions, then please feel free to ask us anything in the comments section below, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Why You Need A Program Like Children Learning Reading

First and foremost: Early reading makes your child smart

If you want to boost your child’s IQ and make him/her smart then teaching them how to read is the best way to do it. That’s a fact stated by researchers like Stannovich & Cunningham. In a research report titled “What Reading Does for the Mind”, they revealed that reading not just makes children smart and improves intelligence, but also helps children with lower levels of cognitive ability to compensate for this. Early reading also keeps the child sharp as they age.

Just take a look at the graphs below to discover how early reading can help you to effectively prepare your child for tomorrow’s world and make him/her not only super smart but also give them a chance to become a genius soon.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Early success leads to increased success in the future

The Matthew Effect of reading states clearly that when a child learns to read early there is a direct relation to their future and academic success. Conversely, if a child does not learn to read early, they are likely to turn out to be poor readers and will find catching up with early readers a tough challenge. Some of the poorer readers will never catch up.

Early reading improves memory, reading fluency, writing skills and comprehension

When you teach your child to read early, they will expand their vocabulary. It will also help to increase their self-confidence and make them more independent. In addition, you will help your child to improve the fluency of their reading, their writing skills and their comprehension.

Reading is fun and entertaining

As an early reader your child will be able to learn a lot of new things such as places in the world, science, history and a whole lot more that they couldn’t do if they were unable to read. It will be entertaining for your child when they can read! They will find reading really fun, and it is so much better for your child than sitting in front of the TV.

Early reading enhances your child’s imagination

By teaching your child to read at an early age you will open up a new comprehension and understanding of their world for them. You will help to enhance your child’s imagination, and the world will make much more sense to them.

It helps to keep your child safer

And last but not least, when your child can read early, they will be able to read and understand important signs and labels such as danger, beware of dogs, stop, poison and more. It will help to keep your child safer.

Learning to read is an essential part of the development of a child

All parents wish their children to grow up smart and successful. And indeed, the bulk of a young child’s brain synapse formation takes place in the first 5 years of life! 

Below is a graph from research report titled “The Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Combine to Shape Brain Architecture” from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University. It clearly shows that from birth to about 5 years of age (the shaded darker blue box) is where the most synapse formation takes place within the brain. 

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

The synapse formation in a child’s brain at different ages

As you see, child’s synapse formation for higher cognitive function peaks around 2 to 3 years of age. It’s also important to realize that it is the child’s earliest experiences during these very sensitive periods of development that play a critical role in shaping their brain growth and cognitive development.

There is a direct link between a child’s academic performance and future success with positive early experiences and developing early reading skills.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Positive Early childhood experiences affect the development of brain architecture. This provides the foundation for all future learning capacities, skills, health, behavior, and life success

When your child learns to read, this is one of the greatest things to experience as a parent. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. You have watched every step of their growth and development, and now they have the greatest gift of all – reading. A child’s ability to read not only contributes to their academic and personal success, but also sparks a sense of imagination, allowing them to express their creativity. Because reading is an integral part of a child’s development, parents can easily become overwhelmed trying to effectively implement a reading method or program to the best of their ability.

This is where the Children Learning Reading program comes in. Being the ONLY effective phonics program with step-by-step approaches available, it is so “powerful and simple” that parents can easily use it to teach even 2 year old children to read anything.

The program also enables older Struggling Students (Up To 10 years of age) to catch up to grade level in just 8 to 10 weeks! This happens in a LOGICAL, SYSTEMATIC, AND SEQUENTIAL order, to enable any child to read and become a fast and fluent reader.

There has been a vast amount of research conducted into the best way to teach children to learn how to read, and because of this it can be difficult for you as a parent to make the right choice of the programs and methods that will benefit your child the most. The truth is that most of the ineffective methods or programs rely upon weak literary foundations that use techniques such as making kids memorize the most commonly used words.

To avoid this, and to help parents not to try ineffective methods, Jim Yang has created the Children Learning Reading Program, which is based on critical strategies for learning how to read. As a Canadian-American reading teacher, and father of four kids, Jim has devoted his life to teaching children of all ages to master reading and spelling successfully. With his Children Learning Reading (And math) program Jim has helped over 112,000 parents to successfully teach their children to read (You can find many success stories here and here). They loved the “effectiveness” and “simplicity” of the teaching methods within the program. 

Jim has extensively researched and developed his program to be able to work not only on older, but also on younger children to transform them into amazing readers and spellers. 

He has personally used this program to teach his daughters and son to read, when they were just 2 to 3 years old.

By using the methods in his Children Learning Reading program, Jim’s children made remarkable progress with their reading in only 12 weeks. You can see evidence of this in the Video Section of this review website. There are a series of videos that record the progress that his children made with learning to read at different ages.

The Program Is Very Well Known For Its “Simplicity” And “Effectiveness”

It is essential that your child remains engaged with a reading program in order that they can be a proficient reader in the fastest possible time. Unfortunately, most reading programs fall short with this. Jim was aware of this, so with Children Learning Reading he made learning to read really fun and enjoyable with the inclusion of a variety of stories, pictures and fun rhymes that children like. 

The reason why the program works so well is that it teaches your child to read and become a fast and fluent reader by using a “unique” combination of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics.

That’s why the program is so effective at teaching not only 4yrs, 5yrs,  G1, G2 students but also 2-3 year olds to become successful readers and spellers!

By offering the Children Learning Reading program to your child, you will be providing him or her with a significant head start in life by helping them to become a fluent reader and also smarter.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Your child is an ideal candidate for Children Learning Reading program if he or she is aged between 2 and 10 years old, or he/she is at pre-school or kindergarten. But In fact it does not matter what age your child is, or what level of ability they have with reading because the Children Learning Reading program will turn them into proficient readers.

Even if your child has already started reading, this program can improve their skills and give them the extra confidence boost that so many children need. Also, if your child is finding learning to read difficult then the Children Learning Reading program will help them to overcome this and read proficiently.

Keep in mind that when you order the Children Learning Reading program you will receive 12 weeks of private email counselling from Jim and his team of experts. So, this program is set up to ensure that your child becomes a successful reader and also smarter in their future life.


So What Is The Children Learning Reading Program Really? 

The Children Learning Reading Program is a comprehensive phonics and phonemic awareness based reading program crate by a professional teacher, that teaches children of different ages how to read effectively and how to become fluent and fast readers in a short period of time.

The lessons of the program are easy, and there are associated stories, color pictures and rhymes to make the whole thing fun for your child. The full version of the Program comes with a set of PDF files, audio and videos, common words, nursery rhymes and stories that children love and have fun with.

The program is based on scientifically proven techniques which offers a significant opportunity to help children of different ages learn the essential reading strategies needed for them to blossom into proficient readers and to develop the potential for reading not only English letters but also “ALL” different words, sentences and story books within 12 weeks, and will lead to greater reading skills in later life.  

The Children Learning Reading program has been used successfully by many other parents and the reason for this is that it uses very simple but very effective methods to help parents to teach their children how to read. Most of the parents that used this reading program reported that it is so simple and powerful that even their very young children used it to learn to read easily and effectively.

Users of the program have seen their child achieve fluency with just a few minutes of reading a day.

The Children Learning Reading Program is a methodical, step-by-step training program that gradually takes your non-reading child or grandchild from successfully articulating letters, words and sentences to a stage where they can first read rhymes, then stories, then novels, and then encyclopedias – fluently and fast. By the end of the course, not only will you be utterly amazed by how well your child can read, but also you might be surprised if your child’s favorite place becomes the library, surrounded by books!

Teach Your Child How To Read The Fun Way

Let’s be honest. Children have the shortest attention span. The worst thing that you can do is make them feel like the task of reading is a chore. All that is going to do is make them look at reading in a negative way rather than something that is both exciting and pleasurable. The beauty of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it uses very simple, fun and interesting methods that are short but still very powerful. Each lesson typically lasts 3 to 5 minutes, and they are of course highly engaging.

The lessons are designed in such a way as to keep and hold the child’s attention and ignite within him/her a sense of curiosity which will make them want to do the lessons.

This reading program is designed to cater to a wide variety of audiences ranging from toddlers, children of different ages and even adults. The basic principles upon which this program was designed can teach anyone how to learn to read, regardless of their age.

Uncomplicated And Incremental

One of the strongest points of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it provides you with an uncomplicated approach to teaching your kid a vital life skill. It is not overwhelming at all. It is systematic and it slowly builds up, giving kids enough time to master each level. They will first learn the use of phonemes and then phonics.

Then they will be taught to use the technique of blending, with which they will be able to take the different phonemic units and string them together into whole words. By the end of the program, you will find your child going through this process seamlessly, allowing them to say word after word quickly, without breaks.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

Why The Children Learning Reading Program Works


The Children Learning Reading program is a step-by-step course that consists of a “unique combination” of simple and scientifically-proven techniques that will help children of different ages to read fluently within 3 months. An extra bonus is that it keeps your child deeply engaged and having fun while learning!

The program applies proven methods using phonics and phonemes. Right now, you’re probably wondering how a program can help your child when even YOU cannot pronounce a certain word!! The Children Learning Reading Program has taken all of the hard-to-understand topics and created them in an easily digestible format that your child will love. But before we delve in further, it is important for you to understand what phonemes and phonics are.



Phonics is essentially a building block for proficient reading. It is a method through which children learn the relationship between the alphabetic symbols and the sounds of words. They learn to recognize the SOUNDS that belong to the letters so they can pronounce the words easily and with confidence.


The smallest unit in a sound system which, when combined with other phonemic units, joins to make meaningful words. For example, when you take the two words “hill” and “hiss”, the only difference between the words is the units /l/ and /s/. Another example would be the word “but” which contains 3 phonemes – /b/, /u/, and /t/. Changing any one of the phonemes also changes the meaning of the word. The English alphabet contains 26 letters, however, there are 44 phonemes [letter sounds or combinations] and 1,768 ways of pronouncing them! These 44 Phonemes account for every letter combination that creates every word sound. Here’s a small example of phonemes: ch can be spoken as chef, chief, choir, chaos; ea has 13 possible enunciations and can be spoken as heart, mean, head, great, theater, earth to list a few. Each letter sound by itself is one phoneme.

When you were a child, you probably did not understand what was being taught to you. One reason is that most parents and educators say a word and ask the child to read it or they write letters and ask the child to memorize it. Using PHONEMES is how we really learn to speak, no matter what language we speak. Every letter has a corresponding sound and the Children Learning Reading Program teaches your child to connect those dots in a very simplified format.

Once your child understands the principle of phonics and phonemes, they will be able to successfully map and blend units to actually be able to speak words properly. 

Eventually, by constantly practicing this technique, the child will reach a point where they will be able to process new words seamlessly, after which they can focus on the task of actually understanding the words.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

What Makes The Children Learning Reading Program Different?

Why most reading programs fail is that because they are strictly based on a “whole language” approach which, unfortunately, causes children to misspell words and pronounce them incorrectly. Moreover, some reading programs call for the use of a “sight word” approach, making kids memorize words and recognize words that are used a lot. This way many kids just memorize the words by shapes and other factors. This method is ineffective because they are not learning any skills that they can use to tackle the giant body of uncommon but essential words. Also, there are many kids who are just not good at memorization. So, this method will be ineffective for them as well.

The Children Learning Reading Program, on the other hand, lays a strong foundation for kids that they can use to tackle any word.

Using the techniques which the Children Learning Reading Program includes, your child doesn’t have to rely on his/her memory to remember words, so it’s easier and much more fun which creates an incentive for the child to move on to the next lesson.

The lessons in this program are so fun and easy that your kids will learn how to correctly use phonetics without even realizing it. By the end of the course, not only will your child be able to read different letters, words and sentences, but also you will notice your child’s vocabulary getting bigger, and their pronunciation becoming clearer and more accurate.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase Of The Children Learning Reading Program?

One of the many highlights of the Children Learning Reading Program is that it can help train any child to read English fluently, provided that they can speak prior to starting the program. The way that this entire course is structured makes it very easy to follow; its incremental progression in terms of complexity acts as a motivation for the child to complete each lesson without any form of stress.

The Children Learning Reading Program is divided into two stages, with 50 short lessons in total. Let’s look at each stage individually

Stage #1: Foundation
First stage contains 32 lessons. The focus of this stage is to introduce the concept of phonetics to kids and teach them the basic building blocks of learning such as the different letters of the alphabet, the sounds of each letter, and the technique of blending. Additionally, at this stage the child will also be introduced to simple words, along with much advanced words as the lessons progress.

They will essentially learn how to decode a word and blend the parts together after, allowing them to read the whole word clearly. They will be made to practice these concepts though rhymes, stories and other fun and simple activities present at the end of every chapter. These activities will slowly become more complex in an intuitive fashion. This gives the child ample time to fully master a technique before moving onto the next one.

Stage #2:
The second stage of this program consists of 33 lessons and deals with more advanced techniques.

It utilizes the skills that your child already learned in the first stage and polishes it while helping them become even more efficient readers. There is a crucial reading concept that the child will learn in this stage, and that is the topic of digraphs.

These are basically single sounds that are made by two different letters. For example, /ch/ in watch, /ck/ in chick, or /kn/ in knife. The stories, rhymes, and sentences that a child is exposed to in this stage are much more complex than they were in the first stage. But they will be able to complete the activities successfully, because here the progression similarly occurs in an intuitive manner.

But the lessons are very easy to follow and, together, by consistently practicing with your child every day for 10-15 minutes or less, you will see them grow into efficient and prolific readers right before your very eyes. This course does not condone blatant memorization of words, which is why it works so efficiently. We won’t expect toddlers and young children to memorize how to pronounce words; rather, they are provided with tools to decode any word properly, and then enable them to pronounce it correctly. These tools can be applied in speaking any word fluently.

Children Learning Numbers & Math Workbook:

This is an excellent way for your child to learn math, developing problem solving skills, and enjoy using numbers. Math is very important for all children and brain development, and this new workbook will provide your child with an excellent foundation with math, numbers and also time telling. It contains colorful and fun exercises to help your child develop important early math skills.

The lesson plans are deliberately kept short:

They are designed to be easily finished within 10 to 15 minutes or less, since we all know how short the attention span of young children is. The lessons are short but powerful, and in just 12 weeks you will see massive improvement in your child’s reading abilities.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

The Children Learning Reading Program Is Available In 3 Versions (Packages)

The Children Learning Reading Program is available in three packages which are the Foundation Package which is great for getting you started, a Standard Package consisting of the main lessons, and a Premium Package that includes everything in the Standard package plus extras that will enhance the reading experience for your child.

The Foundation Package ($39): 

With the Foundation Package you get:

– Stage 1 Step-By-Step Lessons

– Stage 1 Lesson Printouts

– Stage 1 Videos – here you will see Jim Yang teaching one of his children using the methods in stage 1

– Letter Sound and MP3 Audio Clips

– The Most Common Sight Words

– Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhymes

– Children Learning Numbers & Math Workbook

– Free Lifetime Updates

– Free One-on-One counseling for 12 weeks.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program


The Standard Package ($69): 

With the Standard Package you get everything in the Foundation Package mentioned above along with more advanced modules to help your child reach the next level with their reading:

– Stage 2 (Advanced) Step-By-Step Lessons 

– Stage 2 (Advanced) Lesson Stories

– Stage 2 (Advanced) Lesson Printouts

– Stage 2 (Advanced) Videos – here you will see Jim teaching one of his children using the methods in stage 2

– Free Lifetime Updates

– Free One-on-One counseling for 12 weeks.

The Official Review Website Of Children Learning Reading Program

The Premium Package ($89):

With the Premium Package you get everything in the Standard Package mentioned above, along with:

– Children Lesson Videos and Workshop – A set of DVD recordings documenting the journey of the course owners, Jim and Elena Yang, over a period of twelve weeks as they use the techniques presented in this course to teach their 2.5 year old toddler, Ethan, how to read and speak English fluently.

– Children Learning Reading Video Edition – A powerful video that clearly lays out everything that you need to know about the program. Along with a detailed description, it also specifically highlights important tips that you need to know to expedite the process of teaching your child to read English confidently and effortlessly.

– Pre-Set Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons – Stage 2 is more advanced and contains 22 lessons. To make it very easy for you – the parent – the course author has put together all of the lessons in one place, allowing you to print them with just the click of a button.

– Stage 2 Rhymes – A picture looks way more beautiful and exciting in color, especially when it comes to young children. This bonus gives you access to all the illustrations that are in the rhyme section of each lesson in Stage 2, all in full color. Where other language programs cost 100s of dollars but fail to deliver any kind of results, the Children Learning Reading Program only costs $39. The Premium Package only costs $69.90, yet it contains all the tools that you need to make this course even easier to implement.

Jim is so confident that the Children Learning Reading Program will work for you, so he has also decided to offer a 60-Day No Questions Asked, 100% Full Refund Guarantee.

5 Year Old Child Reading a “Technical” Book! (She Learned to Read Using Jim Yang’s Reading Program)

How To Order The Full Version Of Jim’s Children Learning Reading Program (Plus Built-In Comprehension Check Exercises, And Upgraded Math Program)

Follow these exact easy steps to get your copy of the Children Learning Reading Program right now:

– CLICK HERE to go to the official product page and click on any of the orange buttons to order.

– You will then be taken to a secure payment form where you will be shown the different payment options which include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal. Please enter the required payment information, and click “Pay Now” to submit them.

– Once the payment is approved, you will be automatically redirected to the confirmation page where you will receive the link to instantly download the Children Learning Reading Program. Finally, you will receive an email confirmation with your order details, including your own personal download URL for the program.

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