Best Educational Learning Toys And Programs For Toddlers And Kids

1. The Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set For Teaching Letter Sounds

It is widely known that using a phonics based approach to teaching your child how to read is the best solution in the long run. When your child understands the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make, they will be well on their way to becoming fluent readers. There are a number of ways that the alphabet letters can be learned and an innovative solution for this is the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set.

An Interactive Phonics Game

With the alphabet Leapfrog letters set, your child will be able to understand phonics by listening to the singing and talking letters. Your child will enjoy being busy learning the correct sounds with this fun toy.

The toy is in the shape of a school bus that has a Frog in the driving seat. The bus driver’s name is Tad, and he will speak to your child when they insert a letter into the bus. The bus has a magnetic back which will stick to a fridge or any other magnetic surface.

There are 26 letter tiles included which also have a magnetic back to them. The idea is that your child can insert each letter into the bus window space, and then they can press a button to hear the sound of the letter spoken by Tad.

Your Child Will Be Able To Learn By Themselves

Your child will be largely in charge of their own learning with this toy. There are a few ways that your child can learn. They can learn the sounds of the different letters one by one in an interactive way. They can also use the magnetic Leapfrog letters on the fridge to build their own words. It is recommended that you show them what to do to start them off, and supervise your child occasionally when they are using the toy.

If the button is pressed twice after a letter has been inserted then they will hear a word (or words) that begins with the letter, and this word can then be used in a sentence. Each of the 26 letters will produce the relevant sounds and words when they are placed in the bus window. All of the letters will stick to your fridge door when they are not in use, which is convenient for you and your child.

Jingles Make Learning Fun

The jingles made by the letters are really cute and are designed with the young child in mind. As an example when the “H” letter is inserted then the first jingle will be something like “H says (makes the H sound). Each letter makes a different sound and the letter H makes the H sound”. When the button is pressed again the jingle will be something similar too “H is for Horn! Let’s honk the horn (then there is the sound of a horn honking)”. Your child will build on their vocabulary by learning these additional words.

In cases where a letter can produce more than one sound, such as the vowels and some of the consonants, the toy will tie in both of the different sounds into the jingle. This is a good way for your child to learn these sounds.

The Entire Alphabet Is Recited

Pressing another button will have Tad recite the entire alphabet in a fun way that will be a good learning experience for your child. Your child can also hear the “wheels on the bus” song which is sung by Tad. You will probably find that your child will always be pressing these buttons and singing along once they get the hang of it. The toy uses a British accent which is very clear and easy to understand.

So your child will be able to sing along to the jingles, have great fun placing the different letters into the bus window and use the magnetic letter tiles on the fridge door to spell their name or simple words. It is a very good way for your child to learn about the alphabet. The toy is designed to be used by children 2 years and older, and most kids will find it really entertaining.

Improve Motor And Coordination Skills

The Leapfrog Fridge Phonics game will also help to improve your child’s motor and coordination skills. Your child will need to master inserting the tiles into the bus window correctly, to hear Tad speak the letter sounds. Also they will learn that pressing the different buttons will produce different results.

Ready To Use Straight Out Of The Box

Once you receive your Leapfrog Fridge Phonics toy you will be able to use it as soon as you get it out of the box. There is no assembly required, but you will need 3 AAA batteries to make it work. It is well made and has an appealing design to encourage young children to want to play with it over and over again.

A Good Quality Learning Toy

The quality of the Leap Frog magnets is good and they are pretty strong, so you will find that they will not slide around a lot or even fall off of the fridge. They are not too strong that young children will not be able to pick them off the fridge door and move them around easily. They should stick to most kinds of fridges and shouldn’t scratch.

It Will Take A Little Practice

You may find that initially your child will find placing the letters into the bus window a little difficult, but all it needs is a little help and guidance from you and they will soon become an expert at it. The letters are of a good size for a young child to handle. Most parents will be delighted to know that there is a volume control on the toy. This is a very addictive toy and will really amuse your child. This will result in them playing with it for a long time which could be irritating at full volume.

The Toy Is Very Safe

The Leapfrog Fridge Phonics toy is perfectly safe for young children to use. It is made from non toxic materials that will never harm your child in any way, even if they put the letter tiles into their mouth.

A Great Way To Start With Phonics

Young children want to have fun, and this toy will entertain them and help them to learn about the different sounds that the letters of the alphabet make. It is certainly an addictive toy, and you will find that your child will play with it most days. The only drawback is that there is only one jingle for each letter, and your child might get fed up with hearing the same thing all of the time.

It is certainly a good stepping stone for learning to read. The songs are a very good way for your child to learn the alphabet, and the individual sounds of the letters are pronounced well. You could certainly leave your child alone to play with the Leapfrog fridge magnets and they will learn from them. If your child is really young then it is best to give them some guidance first.

The toy is pretty inexpensive and it conveniently sticks to your fridge door so it is easily accessible. There is nothing to assemble, so all that you need are some batteries. When the toy first arrives you will find that your child will be very excited to play with it. You can find out more about the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set by clicking here.

There are some other great learning to read toys such as the Leapfrog Letter Factory range that are worth checking out.


2. Children Learning Reading Program

Take Your Child’s Phonic Learning To The Next Level With Children Learning Reading

While the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set is a great way to start with phonics, you may find that your child becomes bored with the toy because it will only repeat the same thing. You really need to take the phonics teaching a step further, so that your child can confidently grasp the concept of combining the letter sounds into whole words, and decoding any new words that they come across so that they can pronounce the word confidently.

The Very Best Methods To Learn How To Read Quickly

This is where the Children Learning reading program from Jim Yang comes into its own. For a number of years Jim researched the best way to teach a young child how to read. He was already a qualified reading teacher, but he wanted to really understand the best way that a child could become a proficient reader.

What he discovered was that the combination of synthetic phonics and the development of a child’s phonemic awareness produced the best results, and enabled a child to learn how to read in the shortest possible time.

Jim tested out these methods on all of his children and was able to teach them all to how to read when they were only 2 years old. Once his children had learned how to speak he taught them how to read. Jim created some videos of his children reading at two years of age and you can watch them here.

In his approach to teaching reading, Jim knew that he needed to make the whole process fun for the children otherwise they would see the whole thing as a chore which would be counterproductive. So he put together the Children Learning Reading program to help parents teach their kids how to read in an entertaining way.

Learning Letter Sounds And Combination Sounds

The first step in the program is to teach your child the different sounds that all of the letters make. Then some letters will be combined and they will learn that other sounds are produced by doing this. It is very important for the development of phonemic awareness in your child that they fully understand the various sounds.

This is a major foundation when learning how to read. Fluent reading will develop from this synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness combination. It is very powerful, and the whole Children Learning Reading program is built around it.

Most of the parents that have used the Children Learning Reading program have reported that their children have learned how to read really fast. Many have said that their child has become a fluent reader in just three months. The program will teach your child how to read in just 11 weeks.

The Children Learning Reading Program Is Really Fun

Once you start to use the Children Learning Reading program you will find that it is great fun for both you and your child. To start with the lessons are very easy and gentle on your child. The lessons all have fun stories associated with them, and there are nursery rhymes and colored illustrations to help reinforce what has been learned.

The lessons are short and designed to last around 10 to 15 minutes every day. You may find that your child is having so much fun with the lesson that they don’t want it to end, and will not want to wait until tomorrow to continue. This has been reported by a lot of parents that have used the program.

Jim Yang has made every effort to include fun materials and structure the individual lessons so that your child will never be bored. Everything in the Children Learning Reading program is designed to engage your child so that they will want to learn more. We all know that young kids have short attention spans, and Jim Yang has fully taken this into account. That is how he was able to hold the attention of his two year old children and teach them how to read.

You Will Be Guided Every Step Of The Way

If you do not have any experience of teaching a child how to read then there is no need to worry. You will be provided with step by step instructions about what to do and how to teach your child right throughout the program. There will not be any time when you will not know what to do next.

You will never be expected to do too much t once. It is vitally important that your child is not overwhelmed by a reading program, and there is never any likelihood of that with Children Learning Reading. This is a proven program that works by building on what has been learned before. This day by day development is the key to the overall success of the program.

When your child starts with the program everything will be very easy for them, and they will fully understand what is being taught. As with most languages, there are some complicated rules with English that can be tough for a young child to comprehend. The program will take these rules a step at a time, and ensure that your child understands them properly.

The Easy To Teach Lessons

Each lesson in the program is designed to be taught for no more than 10 to 15 minutes each day. You can make the lessons even shorter by breaking them down into shorter time-frames. The effectiveness of the program will never be affected by this.

As you progress with each lesson you will be able to see your child graduate from being a totally non reader, to being able to understand and identify the individual letters and their sounds, combine the sounds to form whole words and then progress to whole sentences and then being able to read a whole story. It is a very wonderful thing to observe.

In the first lessons your child will learn about letter sounds (phonemes) and then they will move on to assessing these sounds and combining them into whole words. Each lesson will improve your child’s phonemic awareness, and their vocabulary of words will improve as well.

Two Parts To Children Learning Reading

The program consists of 50 lessons in total and these are divided into two unique parts. There are 28 lessons in the first part of the program, and these concentrate on learning the different alphabet letters and the sounds that individual letters make. At the end of the first stage your child will be able to blend these sounds to create simple words.

Also in the first stage your child will learn how to decode words, which means breaking them down into their constituent sound parts. They will then recombine these words so that they can pronounce them properly.

In the second stage of the program there are 22 lessons and these will advance what has been learned to date. They will build on all that has been learned so far by your child, and the concept of combined letter sounds (digraphs) will be introduced here.

Part two will contain words and sentences that are more advanced than part one as you would expect. These more advanced words will be introduced on a gradual basis to avoid overwhelming your child.

The Children Learning Reading program is available in two packages which are the Standard and the Premium package. Everything that you need to teach your child how to read, in a fun and entertaining way, is included in the Standard package. The Premium package includes the Standard package plus additional videos and tools that are designed to speed up the learning to read process.

Why You Need The Children Learning Reading Program

It is a complete reading program for children aged 2 years old and above. You can teach your child how to read as soon as they are able to talk. The program is inexpensive and very powerful. Thousands of parents have used it to teach kids of all ages how to read. You can find out more about teaching your child how to read with the Children Learning Reading program here.

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